Our Vision

To create an open and transparent salary structure, making an individual informed, leading to happiness.

Our Mission Statement

To remove information asymmetry through a platform which shows up-to-date salary information which is relevant and localized.

Our Operating Philosophy

Privacy, Relevancy and Simplicity.

"The Moment"

An idea was born by two idle Singaporeans complaining about work and being underpaid. (Doesn't this sounds familiar?) Then the moment came!

  • Why do we believe that we are underpaid?
  • Why do only Human Resource and Payroll personnel have access to salary information of others?
  • Why are we so secretive when it comes to sharing information with friends and colleagues on our salary?
  • Why can't we ask for what our experience and competency deserves?
  • How much should we ask for?

The rest as they said is history. Personal time and energy were committed to design an intuitive solution to break this age old taboo in this Internet Age. To learn more about our approach to overcome this challenge, check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.